What defines you?


Today I woke up and I realized I had a dream in the last hour. An owl tryed to attact me and so I used my quilt to protect me. Yeap, not kidding. That’s how my morning started.

Problems come to me.

I like writing, I don’t know why. I think I can put all my crazynest in some beautiful lines and feel more free about who I am.

What defines you? I heard today.

And I’m trying to find the answer.

I went all my life to therapists (psycological) and I never could find a definition of how I was, or  how I am.

Sometimes is really hard to find yourself in big cities, as Buenos Aires, the one I live.

We came here in this life to find something we don’t know. And that’s confuse me a little.

Cause I’m all the time doubting if I am in the right way or not.


When I write everything in my mind gets in order. Also when I sing. I really can say I am in the right way.

He says I’m a person who has a big heart. And maybe that could be my definition.

So, is really important what the others think about ourselves? Or is more important how we think about us.

I’m all the time thinking about how lucky I am to find you. Because maybe, you also define me a little bit of me.



Porteña in the EU


Sometimes I wonder if these perfect moments will be constant.  I mean, the moments when things fit exactly as they have to be. When you are staring at the window, at night and you watch de cars go by, and you realize that everything is clear in your mind.

The uncertain is there, as usual. But this time, it doesn’t bother.

Is there as a consequence. As a result of a process. And should be the constant, like the present, like the change, like my freedom.

A lot of things are coming in my head at this moment.  A lot of Words, Thoughts and Ideas that I probabbly should put on the list of constant things that I have to be incorporate in my new life.

Love, Art, People with passion, Positive waves, Hugs, Travelling, Work, Be thankful, Cry, Smile.

And also the things I don’t want for me.

What makes you move in life? Could be a song? Somebody?

What makes you feel lucky?

What makes you feel you’re worthy?

What makes you feel free?  (Feeling free includes when you start doing something that you like and you don’t take care about what people thing about that, about you. Cause you’re free and happy. And there’s nothing that could ruin that moment.)

I finally wonder.

Could love be stronger than distance?